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Our offer

Thanks to ongoing developing of our tools and products (Kadry i Płace, IPWP and other) PsycheON company offers sets of ready-made modules (components) composing the PsycheON Internet Platform. It is an environment allowing the company all kinds of internal communication (including video conferences) as well as external communication – with the customers and patients.

Kadry i Płace – human resources and accountancy system facilitating managing the workers’ and co-operatives’ salaries for small, medium and large organizations, accounting offices and medical units. It allows time-keeping, storing data and creating essential documents as well as supporting dealing with taxes and health insurance. The system is presently being expanded by a Workers-Management Portal module which takes care of recruitment and employees’ applications.

Technical base for our solutions is an original framework to create software based on Java platform. It has several unique characteristics which ensure its advantage in the market of building your own software and supplying precise solutions to our corporate clients. For example:

  • in creating and building the rules of business logic take part experts in human resources and accountancy, who do not have any IT background,
  • The same business logic works with different interfaces: graphical user interface (GUI) or web-based user interfaces (WUI) and with different database engines.

It allows us to offer state of the art products which answer the needs and demands of our clients and of the final users of our products.

The technology we use: Java SE and EE, Hibernate, Vaadin, GWT, Swing, application servers, Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML5, MSSQL5, MSSQL and servers: Linux, JBoss, GlassFish.

Specialized e-Consultations Platform

Specialized e-Consultations Platform was developed by the PsycheON company and can be used to great effect in all companies, organizations or medical institutions that value comfort.

The most important goal of the platform, both from the point of view of customers and the staff, is to provide a modern environment that favor the business activity and all related operations. Through the use of modern technology, platform allows you to easily establish contact between clients and professionals, regardless of the distance. The benefits of a modern approach to offering services will be experienced by customers themselves and the rest of the company's staff.

Platform modules: teleconsultation module (video and chat), questions module, advanced schedule module, accounting and online payments module, specialist search and geolocation of units module, knowledge base module and dynamic surveys/research subsystem module.

The Project of Psycho-Oncology Support

One of the main goals of PsycheON team is creating the Online Psycho-Oncology Support Platform to promote psycho-oncology in Poland, support the therapy and allow video conferences for patients.

In Poland there are about 500 thousand oncological patients and 140 thousand new patients are diagnosed every year. The awareness of psycho-oncology and psychological support for these people is most important as it can influence their life quality. Therefore, making that kind of service more accessible is our goal.

IPWP will be:

  • the biggest database for people with oncological problems,
  • the main source of knowledge about successful treatment,
  • psycho-oncologists finder, which allows to find doctors in every region of Poland and provides opportunity to make both online and offline appointments,
  • professional support for psycho-oncologists and their everyday working tool,
  • a platform for psycho-oncologists to exchange and share their working experiences.

About Us

When we create our vision and make plans we always play for the highest stakes. To put it bluntly: we want to change the world for the better.

That is why strong foundations are so important for us – they assure both flexibility and high effectiveness. Our most valuable strengths are resources, which should be put first in any company: a great team, the knowledge, the experience and the right tools which allow us to do our work.

Our team is made up of simplicity and effectiveness driven experts in project management, information systems architecture, building desktop and Internet applications, design, ‘user experience’ (the art of building applications ensuring the best user experiences), human resources and accountancy.

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